5 Advantages of a Local Shredding and Destruction Provider

Several studies have shown that using a local service provider benefits your business and community in many ways. Here are five advantages of using a local shredding and destruction provider to uphold the privacy of your information.

1. Experience Serving Your Community

When it comes to protecting the privacy of your information, an experienced shredding and destruction provider makes all the difference in the world. Some shredding and destruction companies may have been providing services for only a few years or for a small client base, while others have served many businesses in your community for decades. You only want an experienced service provider destroying your sensitive documents. From time spent providing information security solutions to businesses in your industry to understanding local and state privacy regulations, a local shredding and destruction provider with extensive experience has the right expertise to ensure your company stays compliant and secure.

2. Dependable and Flexible Service

Nothing is more frustrating than putting your company’s shredding and destruction needs on hold. A local shredding and destruction provider can provide timely pick-ups and destroy your documents quickly. Flexible daily, weekly or monthly scheduled shredding services are available, and your shredding schedule can be changed anytime to meet your evolving information disposal requirements.

3. Personalized, Hands-On Customer Service

A local shredding and destruction provider has a strong sense of care for the services they offer their clients. A personal commitment to making sure you receive the attention you deserve begins the moment you contact them. A consultative approach is used to assess your company’s unique information disposal needs so a privacy protection solution can be tailored specifically to your needs.

4. Community Support

Using local, community-involved shredding and destruction provider allows for a monetary and human investment in the neighborhood and the programs that help it thrive. Because a local business is owned and operated by people who live there, they’re personally invested in the well-being of the whole community.

5. Knowing the People Behind the Service

It’s important to have a trusting relationship with the people handling your confidential business information. Trust isn’t easily established when you’re forced to speak with an outsourced customer service agent who may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your office. From friendly customer service representatives to accessible owner-managers, a local shredding and destruction provider gives you a direct line of communication to the people protecting your business information.

The bottom line is, a local shredding and destruction provider is committed to your business, protecting your information and supporting your community.

Pacific Records Management provides NAID AAA Certified shredding and destruction services for businesses throughout Fresno, Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto, and Napa and Solano Counties. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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