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In theory, shredding your confidential business records shouldn’t be complicated and time-consuming. Yet, when it’s all said and done, precious minutes spent removing paper clips and staples from files, feeding documents through the shredder, unclogging paper jams, and emptying the receptacle all minimize your productivity. You may even be tempted to toss that confidential file in the trash and hope that no one sees it. What are the chances, right?

Given the high number of data breaches that occur due to sensitive information ending up in dumpsters each month, it’s more likely than you think. Trash receptacles are prime targets for thieves hoping to gain access to:

  • financial information
  • trade secrets
  • proprietary data
  • personally identifiable information

As a result, it’s worthwhile to consider an alternative solution for disposing of your confidential data.

Pacific Shredding document destruction services provide a secure and reliable method for preventing data breaches of sensitive information at the point of disposal. We offer our clients a number of cost-effective solutions for destroying confidential business records:

  • Scheduled Shred Services
  • One Time Shred of File Purges
  • Mobile Shredding
  • Drop Off Shredding

Each of our NAID AAA-Certified solutions are tailored to your business information disposal needs and carries our reputation for providing exceptional customer service to Fresno’s business community.

Document destruction for paper-intensive businesses

If you manage a law firm or accounting firm, you’re used to dealing with a large volume of paper. Still, expired hardcopy documents not only take up valuable office space, they also pose a security risk. Therefore, it’s important that confidential files are shredded on a regular basis.

Pacific Shredding’s scheduled shred services provide an effective solution for securely disposing of excess paper records. Our locked shred collection containers facilitate swift disposal of documents without the need for removing clips, staples, sticky notes or rubber bands. Whole files can simply be dropped in the receptacle where they are kept secure until our professional destruction technician arrives to shred them.

Daily, weekly or monthly—you choose a rotation schedule that works best for your business! The whole destruction process is digitally recorded for your monitoring and all shredded material is recycled. Upon completion, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

Periodic purging of confidential documents

Even less paper-intensive businesses need to securely dispose of retention material from time to time. Pacific Shredding’s file purge destruction service offers an expedient and secure method for disposing of unwanted documents. Once you’ve identified your expired records, one of our destruction technicians will arrive at your office and either shred your documents on-site or transfer them to our plant-based shredding facility. We can also drop off our shred collection containers in advance of a larger-scale purge project.

Drop-off shredding

If you work from home or have a small business, you need a time-saving and economical method for securely disposing of confidential documents. Our Fresno drop-off shred location allows you to dispose of personal and business records at your convenience. We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction as documentation of the disposal process.

Mobile shredding service

Pacific Shredding’s mobile destruction service gives our Fresno clients peace of mind knowing their confidential documents are not leaving their premises. You can witness the destruction process as it happens. Depending on your unique business requirements, we offer the following mobile shredding options:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • custom schedule

For more information about our document destruction solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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