How Does Plant-Based Shredding Work?

Stacked bales of shredded waste paper for recycling.You’ve made the decision to outsource your document shredding, whether to ensure compliance with privacy regulations or as a cost-effective solution that allows your staff to focus on essential business functions. During your research on the best shredding company, you may have come across the term “plant-based shredding.” This article aims to demystify plant-based shredding, detailing what it is, how the process works, and its associated benefits.

What is Plant-Based Shredding?

Also known as off-site shredding, plant-based shredding involves a company collecting your secure documents and transporting them to a secure facility for destruction. Choosing a plant-based shredding service comes with several benefits for your business:

  1. Collection Containers: A professional plant-based shredding company supplies locked shred collection containers, ensuring the secure storage of paper documents until they are picked up for destruction.
  2. Compliance: Plant-based shredding companies are fully compliant with state and federal shredding laws. Choosing a NAID AAA Certified shredding provider guarantees adherence to all laws governing the handling and destruction of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  3. Industrial Equipment: By outsourcing your shredding needs, you eliminate the costs associated with owning, repairing, and replacing equipment. Shredding companies use industrial-sized shredders, ensuring the rapid destruction of large quantities of paper in accordance with privacy laws.
  4. Chain of Custody: Your information must have a documented paper trail to prove its secure handling. Plant-based shredding companies maintain a chain of custody, recording the movement and handling of your records, and providing an official Certificate of Destruction.
  5. Recycling: Besides protecting your information, plant-based shredding prioritizes environmental protection by recycling shredded material. This sustainable approach contributes to reducing landfill waste and promotes the creation of new recycled paper products.

The Plant-Based Shredding Process

A plant-based shredding company typically provides your office with secure shredding collection containers. These containers allow you to discard sensitive documents safely, knowing they are secure until the shredding provider picks them up. The company can establish regularly-scheduled shredding service based on your material volume for efficient and timely destruction. The shredded material is then transported securely to their facility for destruction. Following completion, you receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records, and the shredded material is recycled.

Who Provides Plant-Based Shredding?

Pacific Shredding provides NAID AAA Certified shredding services to businesses and residents throughout California’s Central Valley. We provide shredding collection containers, ensure secure transportation to our facility, and handle the entire destruction and recycling process. If plant-based shredding aligns with your business needs, contact Pacific Shredding at 800-685-9034 or complete the form on this page.

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