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The theft of sensitive personal and corporate information costs US businesses billions of dollars per year. Even with companies spending time and money attempting to prevent breaches, confidential information often still ends up in the trash. If this happens to your business, it may end up costing more than legal expenses– it could damage your corporate reputation permanently.

How secure is your current shredding method?

Safe disposal of your business information is all about implementing the right tools and processes. Most businesses believe utilizing a typical paper shredder will eliminate the theft of sensitive information. However, these machines are no guarantee that your corporate data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Pacific Shredding’s professional shredding service provides Fresno’s business community with a safe and secure disposal solution for sensitive and confidential documents. We help you eliminate potential data breach risks by offering an expertly monitored and managed program for complete destruction of your records in the most timely and efficient manner. Our shredding solutions include:

With experience serving both public and private sector organizations representing a wide range of industries, we’ll help you implement the right solution for your business.

Regulatory compliant shredding solutions

Privacy protection not only makes good business sense – it’s also the law. Regulations such as the following outline requirements for ensuring proper disposal practices:

Our shredding services allow you to maintain compliance with these regulations and eliminate potential violations that could lead to federal and state penalties. As a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA certified shredding company, we adhere to a strict code of ethics as well as the highest information destruction standards and practices.

Reliable and effective scheduled shredding

A regimented and timely process for disposing of paper records serves as a cornerstone for any information security plan. Pacific Shredding scheduled shred service allows you to securely destroy your documents once they’re no longer needed or have reached the end of the required retention period. Depending on your business requirements, we’ll either pick up files from your office or shred them on-site at your Fresno facility. Our scheduled shred solution provides you with the following benefits:

  • improved productivity
  • elimination of on-site shredding equipment
  • environmentally conscious disposal
  • reduced reliance on staff

For businesses needing a reliable “on call” resource for periodic or one-time destruction of information, our file purging services are the perfect solution. We can drop off shred collection containers in advance of your purge project and pick them up when they are filled or transport individual cartons of files on an as needed basis. After the completion of every shred project, you’re provided with a Certificate of Destruction.

Pacific Shredding’s commitment to security and unparallel service has allowed us to become the most reliable and effective shredding company in Fresno. To find out more about our shredding solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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