Behind the Scenes of a Shredding Service

Illustration of funny cartoon creature's eyes hiding and looking from behind red curtains in theater wooden stageHave you ever heard the phrase, “Oh, to be a fly on the wall”? It refers to the desire to witness the unseen, to know what’s happening behind closed doors. Well, consider this your backstage pass—we’re taking you on a journey through the various stages of a shredding service. Get ready to be that fly on the wall and discover the ins and outs of this crucial process.

Why Choose a Shredding Service in the First Place?

Let’s start with the big question: Why go for a shredding service at all? The answer to this question unravels the purpose behind every step in the shredding process. Shredding isn’t just a fancy way to get rid of old documents; it’s the ultimate solution for safeguarding sensitive information as mandated by the law. From start to finish, personally identifiable information (PII) must be handled with care and precision. So, here’s where the journey begins.

1. Collection: Safeguarding the Secrets

Picture this: Hard copy information, neatly packed in files and documents, reaches the end of its service life. But the journey doesn’t end there. These papers need a safe haven until they reach the shredding company. That’s where secure locked shred collection containers come into play. Various container sizes cater to the frequency at which companies discard documents for shredding.

And it’s not just paper; electronic information, residing in hard drives, thumb drives, computers, and phones, needs to be shredded as well. On-site hard drive shredding ensures these electronic bits are turned into unreadable particles, eliminating any chance of recovery.

2. Transfer and Destruction: Into the Jaws of the Shredder

Once those collection containers are full, a uniformed, screened, and insured shredding technician steps in. Some services collect these containers, mix the contents with others, and transport them securely to a central facility. On the other hand, mobile shredding services take the containers and feed documents directly into industrial shredders on-site. You can even witness the destruction to ensure your documents are gone for good.

3. Proof: Because Seeing is Believing

The job doesn’t end with destruction – it’s only complete when you have proof. Enter the Certificate of Destruction, your official documentation that the information has met its demise through shredding. Details like the date, method, and personnel involved add a layer of accountability to the process.

4. Recycling: Beyond Destruction, Towards Renewal

But it doesn’t stop there. Beyond destruction lies an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment. A professional shredding service doesn’t let shredded material end up in a landfill; instead, it finds its way to recyclers who transform it into new recycled products, be it paper or electronic metals.

5. Reputation: Setting the Standard

Sure, many shredding services can shred paper and electronics, but not all adhere to privacy laws and industry standards. A NAID AAA Certified shredding service, like Pacific Shredding, meets these high expectations. They provide on-site shredding for both paper and electronics, ensuring 100% recycling of shredded material. When choosing a shredding service, make it easier on yourself – go with a reputation you can trust.

Are you ready to responsibly destroy your information? Pacific Shredding, a NAID AAA Certified company, offers on-site shredding of both paper and electronics, with a commitment to recycling all shredded material. Call us at 800-685-9034 or complete the form on this page to schedule your shredding service, whether it’s a one-time need or a recurring arrangement.

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