Common Paper Shredding Myths Dispelled

Street Sign the Direction Way to Facts versus MythsWith identity theft and business fraud prevention, it pays to know the facts. In this blog, we dispel several common shredding myths.

Myth 1: Storage is Better Than Shredding

While it’s true that certain business documents must be kept forever, hoarding every single piece of paper isn’t necessary. Plus, doing so can spell legal and financial trouble for your business. A final disposition policy for your paper records reduces liability, minimizes privacy risks, and ensures compliance. When your documents reach the end of retention, have a professional shredding company destroy them.

Myth 2: In-House Shredding is Cheaper Than Outsourced Shredding

Office shredders can be bought on the cheap, but the costs of shredding documents with them really add up. In-house shredding is labor intensive. Only a few documents can be shredded at a time. Staples and paperclips must be removed from files, paper jams are common, and the shredding receptacle must be emptied. Meanwhile, other important business tasks are put on hold while your employees spend precious time at the shredding machine.

Outsourced shredding is more cost effective. Your shredding provider delivers locked collection containers to your office. When the containers are full, a background-screened shredding technician collects the contents, and either destroys your documents on site or transports them to a plant-based shredding facility for destruction. Outsourced shredding is a time saving solution that eliminates having to pay your employees to shred documents.

Myth 3: Professional Shredding Isn’t Secure

Don’t underestimate internal privacy risks. Every year, countless documents are stolen by dishonest employees. While partnering with an unreputable shredding company can put your privacy at risk, a trusted shredding company screens its employees to protect its customers. The screening process includes:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Drug testing
  • Employment history verification

Each document destruction technician is also bonded, insured, and bound by a client confidentiality agreement.

Myth 4: Non-Paper Items Can’t Be Shredded

Staples, paperclips, and rubber bands will damage an office shredding machine. As a result, it’s important to remove these items from your documents before shredding them in-house. When partnering with a professional shredding company, you don’t have to remove non-paper items from your files. Your shredding partner uses industrial-grade shredding technology that destroys these commonly-used non-paper items, too.

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