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A great number of data breaches occur due to improper or inadequately disposing of sensitive document and files.  It’s no wonder that business dumpsters and trash bins have become a prime target for thieves seeking access to confidential information.  While many businesses attempt to thwart data breaches by purchasing expensive equipment, such measures often prove to be futile in the long run.

After all, feeding documents through a paper shredding machine is a time-consuming process.  If you don’t remove paper clips and staples from files, machines can become jammed, leading to even more lost productivity.  As a result, confidential client or corporate information often ends up in the trash.  With incidences of stolen documents on the rise, it pays to have a secure and systematic approach for properly destroying your business data.

Fresno’s mobile shredding resource

Pacific Shredding is Fresno’s trusted resource for the secure disposal of paper documents and files.  Our mobile shredding solution provides a time-efficient method for properly shredding your business records conveniently at your facility or office.  We eliminate the need for uneconomical investments in equipment and time necessary for destroying your confidential information.  Based on your business shredding needs, our mobile shredding truck will arrive at your facility at a preferred time and destroy your records on-site.  We maintain strict adherence to the privacy protection regulations addressed in the following laws throughout the shredding process:

A secure and reliable document destruction process

Our mobile shredding process is designed to minimize disruptions to your business and takes the onus off your staff for making sure that private information is completely destroyed.  After a comprehensive analysis of your destruction needs, we’ll place lockable shred collection containers at strategic collection locations within your office.  When your employees need to dispose of a document, they simply drop it in the slot.  Also, there’s no need to remove paper clips, staples, sticky notes, rubber bands, etc.  Finally, you can deposit whole files within the container!  Our shred collection containers come in a variety of sizes and styles including:

  • Office consoles
  • 65 gallon shred bins

Once we fill your containers, we’ll empty the contents into our mobile shredding truck for secure destruction.  You can witness the whole process from start to finish.  Upon completion we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction as proof of your corporate due diligence.

No matter where your business is located within Fresno, Pacific Shredding’s mobile shredding services assures that your confidential documents don’t fall into the wrong hands.  To find out more, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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