Shredding Collection Containers

Looking for a quick, easy and secure alternative to shredding files with a paper shredding machine? Concerned about your employees throwing sensitive business documents in the trash? Worried about exposing your customers and employees to identity theft?

Use Collection Containers for Fast and Secure Document Disposal

Pacific Shredding will place secure shredding collection containers in your office So you don’t have to worry about your employees thoughtlessly discarding sensitive files in a wastebasket. Using a collection container is as quick and easy as tossing documents in a trash can or dumpster—but infinitely more secure.

Each shredding and destruction bin is lockable and features a slot that lets you put sensitive documents in but makes it impossible to take them out once they’re deposited. Files can be securely discarded in a few seconds and because the process is so simple, your staff is more likely to destroy confidential material promptly. Best of all, your sensitive information is never exposed to dumpster-diving thieves!

Collection Containers for Privacy Protection

Our destruction and shredding bins come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your privacy protection needs. Made of sturdy composite material for durability, they are also designed to blend easily with any office décor. No matter how many or which type of collection container you choose, we place them in your office free of charge.

The number of containers and frequency of collection is based on your specific document disposal requirements. We use our experience to guide you to the best choice for your business.

When your collection containers are filled, a screened, Pacific Shredding shredding technician collects the contents and securely destroys your information. You choose whether you want your documents destroyed on-site at your office or off-site at our shredding plant. Either way, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that proves your compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

Our secure shredding bins offer unparalleled protection from identity theft and business fraud. Get yours today!

Pacific Records Management provides records and information management service for businesses throughout Fresno, Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto, and Napa and Solano Counties. To find out more about our collection containers and destruction bins, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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