NAID AAA Certification: What it Means and How it Benefits Your Business

Outsourcing the destruction of your sensitive documents and data isn’t a simple decision. In addition to cost and conveniences there are other important factors to consider. One is NAID AAA Certification. Here we explain what it means and how it benefits your business.

NAID AAA Certification is a voluntary program for companies that provide information destruction services. It helps businesses verify that a potential shredding and destruction vendor meets the strict information disposal standards established by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). NAID is the non-profit, standard-setting body for the information destruction industry.

To achieve AAA certification, a shredding and destruction provider must pass annual, unannounced audits conducted by independent Certified Protection Professionals® (CPP). A passing grade is required to maintain AAA certification. During each audit, the following areas are assessed:

  • Operational and facility security
  • Information destruction processes
  • Employee hiring practices
  • Insurance liability coverage

These rigorous examinations ensure that your information is being destroyed according to the highest standards in the shredding and destruction industry.

Privacy and Security

Choosing a NAID AAA Certified shredding and destruction company means you take the privacy of your business documents, data and clients’ personal information seriously. AAA Certified shredding processes eliminate identity theft and privacy breach risks by rendering confidential information unreadable. During a NAID AAA certification audit, shredding particle size is reviewed to ensure shredded documents cannot be reconstructed.

The entire shredding process is captured by CCTV image capture technology and archived. Screened, uniformed and badged professionals collect, handle, transport and destroy your information, adhering to strict chain of custody procedures at all times. NAID AAA Certification is the only real security assurance in the information destruction industry.


Selecting a NAID AAA Certified shredding and destruction service helps your business fulfill important regulatory compliance requirements. HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, GLB and many state laws require written and verifiable information destruction procedures. A Certificate of Destruction is issued each time your documents and data are destroyed, offering documented proof that indicates your company’s compliance with privacy protection laws. Whether you’re a lawyer, healthcare provider, or retailer, NAID AAA Certification means that your information will be disposed of according to the state and federal regulations applicable to your business.

When outsourcing your shredding and destruction needs, consider using a NAID AAA Certified shredding service. Besides offering a trusted privacy protection solution for your business, it also gives you peace of mind.

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