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Your paper documents are at risk

Criminals don’t just target your digital data; they also look for opportunities to get their hands on hardcopy documents containing personal and confidential information. And you could be making it easy for them to do so. A handful of paperwork left in a copier or a file tossed into a recycling bin is all it takes for identity theft to occur. Without a process for ensuring paper records are securely destroyed in timely manner, your business may be at risk.

How and when you dispose of documents is critical. It’s no secret that thieves target corporate facilities hoping to gain access to confidential information. Documents containing personally identifiable information are unthinkingly left on desktops. Whole files are carelessly tossed into recycling bins. Bags of shredded material rest unattended in hallways and stairwells and on loading docks. Fortunately, there’s an easier and more efficient way to protect your business records.

Your privacy protection partner

Pacific Shredding’s paper shredding services provide privacy protection for your business. Whether you have a pile of documents that should have been shredded a long time ago or need a more secure method for disposing of daily paperwork, we offer document destruction solutions that save time and money and help secure your records against theft:

  • scheduled shred services
  • one-time shred of file purges
  • mobile document destruction

With over 150 years of experience serving businesses in the Central California Valley, Pacific Shredding is expert at providing personalized, dependable shredding service.

Legally compliant document destruction

Privacy protection is the law. Our paper shredding services adhere to the standards outlined in the following regulations:

  • SOX
  • GLB

As a NAID AAA Certified paper shredding company, we maintain the highest document destruction standards in the industry. Our people, processes and shredding equipment ensure that your business complies with all document disposal laws.

Say goodbye to your paper shredding machine

In-house paper shredding methods are cumbersome, time-consuming and often result in privacy breaches. Pacific Shredding’s paper shredding services enable the disposal of business documents and files in a more efficient and secure manner. Our locked shred collection containers are strategically placed within your Modesto office, facilitating quick and easy disposal of documents without the need to remove clips, staples, sticky notes or rubber bands. Whole files can simply be dropped within the receptacle where they are kept secure until our professional document destruction technicians arrive to shred them. Our scheduled paper shredding services are tailored to your specific needs:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly

Each paper shredding project is digitally recorded for you, and all shredded material is recycled. Upon completion of your destruction project, Pacific Shredding provides you with a Certificate of Destruction.

To find out more about our paper shredding services for your Modesto business, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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