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What is your information worth?

While it’s difficult to assign a hard value to your corporate data, you know it’s significant. Criminals are also aware of this, which is why your information is under constant threat of being stolen and misused. Unless you can ensure that your confidential documents are always securely destroyed, your organization’s data is constantly at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Pacific Shredding provides Stockton businesses with an effective solution for preventing the theft of confidential business information. Our shredding services are designed to:

  • eliminate risky internal disposal processes
  • meet regulatory standards for privacy protection
  • facilitate the regular destruction of corporate information

We tailor each shredding project to your company’s specific needs for increased efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Eliminate theft of documents and files

The final resting place for documents is where a large portion of data breaches occur. Criminals can easily gain access to personal data just by looking in your trash. Pacific Shredding’s shredding services eliminate the threat of dumpster diving. We provide locked shredding containers that facilitate secure disposal of paper records at all times within your company. Whole files can be deposited into a container, eliminating the inefficient and risky use of paper shredding machines. Our shred collection containers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your specific disposal needs:

  • office shredding consoles
  • 65-gallon bins

On a schedule individually customized to your business, all paper is collected and destroyed either on-site at your office or transported to our paper shredding facility for secure destruction. The process is finalized with a Certificate of Destruction.

Protect your Stockton business

Pacific Shredding is a NAID AAA Certified, professional paper shredding provider. Our shredding processes adhere to the highest standards of information destruction and reduce liability exposure for your business. Our shredding services include:

  • documented chain of custody procedures
  • screened document destruction specialists
  • strict protocol for the handling and transportation of sensitive information
  • GPS-tracked and alarmed vehicles
  • regular audits of destruction equipment and processes

Ongoing audits of our destruction equipment and paper shredding procedures ensures that your information is thoroughly destroyed in the most confidential manner.

Stockton’s local shredding service provider

Pacific Shredding’s paper shredding services provide your Stockton business with a trusted local solution for information disposal. We offer a range of document destruction solutions to meet your information disposal needs:

  • one time shred of file purges
  • on-site mobile document destruction
  • off-site shredding of retention inventory
  • drop-off document destruction

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