Top Criteria for Choosing a Shredding and Destruction Partner

Destruction of confidential information is essential for protecting the privacy of your clients and employees, ensuring compliance and limiting legal liability for your business. Shredding and destruction services offer a professionally-managed solution for reducing risk when business records are destroyed. Unfortunately, the quality of shredding and destruction companies can run the gamut from bad to excellent. Here are the top criteria to consider when choosing a shredding and destruction partner.

Shredding options

Having a single source for your document disposal needs is an important criterion when choosing a shredding and destruction partner. A shredding and destruction company that offers a comprehensive suite of services will tailor a destruction solution to your unique shredding volume, frequency and budget requirements. The following shredding services options should be offered to you:

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled shredding
  • Mobile on-site document destruction
  • One-time purge destruction

If you have hard drives, backup tapes, and other electronic devices containing confidential data, look for a shredding partner that also offers a solution for securely destroying them. Regardless of the solution you choose, a shredding and destruction partner that offers a full suite of information destruction services will provide your business with reliable, consistent service and fair pricing each time its information is destroyed.

NAID AAA Certification

Disposal is the final process in the information lifecycle. If not handled securely, a privacy breach can easily occur. As a result, you’ll also want to make sure a shredding and destruction partner is qualified to handle your sensitive business information.

A shredding and destruction partner that is AAA Certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) has had its shredding equipment, facilities, and hiring practices audited by security professionals to ensure they meet the highest privacy protection standards in the shredding and destruction industry. During audits, the following items are assessed:

  • Written security policies
  • Documented chain of custody processes
  • Verifiable shredding processes

NAID AAA Certified shredding and destruction partners also issue a Certificate of Destruction after your documents are destroyed.

History and reputation

Trust is also critical when choosing a shredding and destruction partner. As a result, it’s important to verify the history and reputation of the company destroying your documents. Find out how long your shredding and destruction partner has served your community. Also ask for client references to verify dependability of service and personalized support before making a final decision. The more stable your shredding and destruction provider, the less likely your documents will fall into the wrong hands.

Environmental sustainability

If your company has eco-friendly products, services and/or policies, you want a shredding and destruction partner that shares your commitment to the environment by offering environmentally-sustainable shredding services. When shredded material is baled and recycled after destruction, it’s used to produce a wide variety of consumer and business paper products.

Use the criteria we’ve discussed here to make sure you choose the best shredding and destruction partner for your business.

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