Why In-house Paper Shredding is an Uphill Battle

In Greek Mythology, Sisyphus is doomed to an eternity of pushing a boulder uphill. Sound familiar? Shredding your confidential business documents can seem like a never-ending task. Consider all the steps required just to get rid of a few file folders of paper records:

Why In-house Paper Shredding is an Uphill Battle

  • Take documents out of file folders or binders
  • Remove all staples, paper clips and sticky notes
  • Separate documents into easily shred-able stacks
  • Make sure there’s enough room for shredded material in the collection receptacle
  • Feed paper through shredder
  • Unclog paper jam
  • Continue shredding
  • Open shredder and pack down paper
  • Empty collection receptacle
  • Clean up paper pieces from floor
  • Carry shredded paper to the dumpster
  • Oil shredder blades

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