5 Benefits of Purge Shredding

Piled heap high documents folders, Stack business paper on desk messy or paperwork in office. Old Document achieves in print folder doc forms, use recycling for savePaperwork creeps up on you. Before you know it, your office is a labyrinth of file cabinets and banker boxes. In this blog, we explain the benefits of purge shredding.

1. Quick Document Disposal

Disposing of hundreds of documents with an office shredder takes time. You must remove staples, paperclips and rubber bands from your files and hand-feed them into the machine. Purge shredding streamlines your document disposal. Your purge shredding provider brings secure collection containers to your office allowing for quick disposal of sensitive documents. When the collection containers are full, your shredding provider destroys the contents.

2. Data Breach Prevention

Placing a document in a trash can or recycling receptacle is easier than making a trip to the office shredding machine. But doing so puts your data at risk. A purge shredding service is your best defense against a data breach. Your providers’ locked collection containers allow your employees to dispose of all documents quickly and securely. The shredded paper gets recycled, too, so everyone wins!

3. Workplace Productivity

Clutter and disorganization are the Achilles’ heel of any workplace. A purge shredding service offers a hassle-free solution for clearing out unwanted paper records and staying productive. Your shredding provider can destroy your documents onsite with a mobile shredding truck or offsite at a shredding plant.

4. Compliance

Stockpiling outdated and unwanted paper records increases your liability exposure. A purge shredding service helps your business comply with the following laws:

  • SOX
  • GLBA

After your shredding provider destroys documents, they provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that confirms your compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements.

5. Flexibility

Every organization has unique document disposal needs. Your company may not generate confidential waste every day, but may need secure shredding occasionally. You can schedule a purge shredding service when you need it, without having to make a long-term commitment.

As you can see, purge shredding offers an efficient, reliable, and secure solution for eliminating bulk volumes of paper records.

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